Integration Point

Built on a single, web-based platform, Integration Point delivers global visibility and localized knowledge allowing organizations to manage import/export and various trade programs to comply with regulatory requirements while improving visibility and realizing savings.


Automate import, export, trade agreement, duty deferral and supply chain compliance processes to ensure that trade regulations from over 175+ countries are being met and goods continue moving smoothly through your supply chain.


Access up-to-date regulatory information from around the world such as rules of origin for 370+ trade agreements, 280+ global denied party lists, tariff schedules from 175+ countries, export controls, and much more on a single, web-based platform.


Leverage the Integration Point network to facilitate global visibility and connectivity with your brokers, logistic service providers, trading partners and the regulatory agencies such as SAGITTA, ATLAS, CHIEF, ABI, AES and more.

Global Trade Management & Compliance Solutions

For companies importing and exporting goods around the globe, making sure the 3 C's - Compliance, Content & Connectivity - are part of the overall strategy is important. With Integration Point Global Trade Management, companies can:

Integration Point Global Trade Management solutions are being utilized by companies around the globe to automate and manage import/export processes while increasing compliance with Customs, as well as other government agencies, requirements and improving visibility into the entire supply chain.

The Integration Point Global Trade Management Solution includes:

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