Denied Party Screening

Integration Point Denied Party Screening eliminates the need to manually search for names or countries on many international lists by simultaneously scanning over 300 global lists for restricted persons and embargoed countries. With Denied Party Screening, companies around the world can gain export screening peace of mind.

Key Benefits

Customize Your

  • Reduce false positives with percent match and screening sensitivity functions
  • Pick and choose which list to screen against

Screen with

  • Screen 300+ global lists for restricted persons, companies, and sanctioned/embargoed countries
  • Automatically screen and re-screen all your business partners

Avoid Penalties
& Risk

  • Prove due diligence by screening more frequently
  • Minimize penalties and avoid loss of export privileges



Denied Party Screening

Tip Sheet

Top 5 Mistakes when Screening Exports

ROI Calculator

Denied Party Screening ROI Calculator

Where will the platform take you next?

The possibilities are endless. Regardless of your size or industry, you can use the Integration Point platform to navigate the complexities of importing, exporting, and duty suspension on one integrated platform.

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