Foreign-Trade Zone Board Releases 2013 Report

The US Foreign-Trade Zone Board has released the 2013 Report, and the news is good – use of Foreign-Trade Zones is growing.  You can find the full report here but below are a few key statistics we thought were interesting. Continue reading

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eBond Test Modifications to Go Into Effect Today

Modifications to the US Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP’s) voluntary National Customs Automation Program eBond test, which deployed January 3, 2015, are set to go into effect today, January 7, 2015. The modifications and clarifications indicated in FRN 80 FR 899 state that a bond issued before this modification date, including continuous bonds, can be “converted” to an eBond.

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ACE Monthly Trade Update: November 2014

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has established a schedule for completing development of all core trade processing capabilities in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) by the end of 2016. Progress on the transition to ACE is underway, and as the deployment schedule rolls on, CBP is keeping the trade up to date on all of the newest features.

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A Turkey By Any Other Name…

Happy Thanksgiving from Integration Point!

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FTZ and NAFTA – Questions Answered

In October 2014, Integration Point hosted a webcast on the topic of US Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZs) and NAFTA exporting.  The presenter, Rebecca Williams, Managing Director for the Rockefeller Group’s Foreign Trade Zone Services, spent the hour going through how companies using zones could also benefit from NAFTA qualifications when exporting.  During the webcast there were several questions that were not able to be covered due to time constraints.   Part 1 of the questions dealt with NAFTA benefits and eligibility – that post can be viewed here.   Part 2 provided information for those that are new to FTZs and NAFTA, and can be viewed here.  Today’s post answers general questions about FTZs and NAFTA.  You can also view an on-demand version of the webcast here.

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