U.S. Export Administration Regulations Amended

The US Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has amended the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) by clarifying the Application Processing, Issuance, and Denial provisions concerning BIS’s authority to revise, suspend or revoke licenses.

The changes are to Part 750 of the EAR which allows for revision, suspension or revocation of licenses whenever it is known that the EAR has been violated or that a violation is about to occur. In this final rule, BIS has changed the first sentence of Part 750.8(a) to make it clear that the ability of the US to revoke or suspend a license is not limited to only when the EAR has been violated or when a violation is about to occur, but also to prevent licensed export transactions in which the US may have a foreign policy interest.

Do you know how to determine if an export license is needed for your product? License requirements depend upon an item’s technical characteristics, the destination, the end-user, and the end-use. To learn more about the export license process, see these export resources.

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