WCO Publishes Compendium “How to Build a Single Window Environment”

Customs and other border agencies have long been deliberating on ways to reduce regulatory inefficiencies. From this deliberation the concept called Single Window was derived, meaning economic operators would only have to submit border regulatory information once rather than to several agencies. In essence, Single Window is about improving Coordinated Border Management (CBM). The World Customs Organization (WCO) has long touted the benefits of introducing Single Window systems and many WCO Members have worked to establish Single Window systems in their countries.

Featured in the June 2012 WCO News magazine was the notice that the Compendium “How to Build a Single Window Environment” is now available on the WCO website.

This Compendium is presented in two volumes:

Volume 1 is titled “Executive Guide” which features the issues which are of interest to executive managers.

Volume 2 is titled “Professional Practice Guide” which features issues which are of interest to technical and operational managers. This volume also features a collection of tools, techniques, and guidelines developed by WCO and other international organizations, which will be maintained on an ongoing basis.

Check back on WCO website for addition information regarding the Single Window Environment and further updates to the Compendium

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