FTA News from Around the World – January 2013 Round Up

With regulations ever changing and updates constantly being made, we understand keeping up with new regulations affecting global trade can be challenging. Therefore, Global Trade News has taken the information that we have gathered over the last month from governments around the world, and compiled it into a monthly summary, posted here for you. You can access this information, along with all related FTA posts at any time by visiting the Free Trade Agreement category on this blog.

Scheduled to Come Into Force or Recently In Force:

Malaysia – Australia http://bit.ly/Ui3MFn

Mexico – Republics of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua – Honduras http://bit.ly/WHoBst

Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, and Kazakhstan) – Moldova http://bit.ly/VD3vND

Pakistan – Indonesia http://bit.ly/ZZtPUj


FTAs under Negotiations:

Chile – Thailand http://bit.ly/10SkisV

Egypt – MERCOSUR http://bit.ly/WJMexb

Turkey – South Korea http://bit.ly/SY2ZYz

Customs Union (CU) (Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia) – European Free Trade Association (EFTA) (Switzerland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) http://bit.ly/XFZsuj

India – Canada http://bit.ly/13zaAig

Taiwan – Singapore http://bit.ly/TWpQFE

European Union (EU) – MERCOSUR http://bit.ly/11DjnwJ

Vietnam – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/UibtLZ

India – Australia http://bit.ly/11mDcNe

Canada – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/YumfMy

India – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/VO1soh

The European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – Vietnam http://bit.ly/WcMgR8

European Union (EU) – Japan http://bit.ly/WJOdSb

European Union (EU) – Singapore http://bit.ly/WhkyBu


FTA Talks Beginning:

Singapore – Turkey http://bit.ly/Y2YHMD

Japan – Singapore http://bit.ly/VaCwGo

European Union (EU) – United States (US) http://bit.ly/14cGOQF

Mauritius – Pakistan http://bit.ly/X3IzvM

Ukraine – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/X65XJ0

Ukraine – Russia http://bit.ly/X65XJ0

Thailand – Pakistan http://bit.ly/XRlpwD

Canada – Japan http://bit.ly/WHuoy5


For even more FTA news, join the Free Trade Agreements Twitter Twibe here.

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