Freight Advisory Committee Wasting no Time in Helping Keep America’s Economy Competitive

The movement of goods is the backbone of the trading economy, and today’s trading environment is growing at a rapid pace. In order to maintain the success of trade in the years to come, there is a need to more efficiently transport items from ship to train.

This was the exact point being portrayed in a recent article from the US Department of Transportation (DOT). The article mentions that, as part of the ongoing effort to establish a National Freight Strategic Plan in the US, stakeholders to the DOT Freight Policy Council were invited to attend the second listening session March 5, 2013. Attendees were also asked to offer input from the front lines of shipping on ways DOT can improve the way goods are moved, to further drive the economy.

Also mentioned in the article, was that the American economy relies on a modern, multi-modal transportation system to move goods to consumers on a daily basis. The US freight system moves 57 tons of goods per person every year, and a total of about 48 million tons of goods are transported across America each day. That’s $46 billion worth of new cars and trucks, machinery for factories, televisions, smart phones, and many, many other goods that we buy and sell every day.

The movement of freight has been a focus for quite some time, across multiple different government and regulatory avenues, and the DOT is taking the lead on improving the US freight movement to help keep America’s businesses competitive. The listening session mentioned above was one part of that overall effort.

In addition, last summer, the DOT created the Freight Policy Council, chaired by Deputy Secretary John Porcari and representing DOT leadership across the modes – from highways and railways to ports and pipelines – as well as economic, legal, and policy experts from the Department.

But the activity doesn’t stop there, the DOT has also announced the establishment of a National Freight Advisory Committee (NFAC) to help further guide their freight improvement efforts.

The DOT projects that by the year 2040 freight shipped in the US will increase from 18 billion to 27 billion tons, providing even more reason to invest in a transportation system that supports the US economy and provides the opportunity for continued rapid growth.

To access the full article, click here.

PS: The DOT is also looking for nominations for membership into NFAC. They are looking for representatives from across the transportation spectrum to help them improve the way they move freight. Click here to nominate yourself or someone else for the NFAC.

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