FTA News from Around the World – February 2013 Round Up

With regulations ever changing and updates constantly being made, we understand keeping up with new regulations affecting global trade can be challenging. Therefore, Global Trade News has taken the information that we have gathered over the last month from governments around the world, and compiled it into a monthly summary, posted here for you. You can access this information, along with all related FTA posts at any time by visiting the Free Trade Agreement category on this blog.

Scheduled to Come Into Force or Recently In Force:

European Union (EU) – Peru http://bit.ly/XiXuDq


FTAs under Negotiations:

South Korea – Colombia http://bit.ly/Z1sLfn

China – Iceland http://bit.ly/ZVMJqR

European Union (EU) – United States (US) http://bit.ly/V8xgWU

India – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/XEXltZ

China – Japan – South Korea http://bit.ly/WFDfmI

Costa Rica – Colombia http://bit.ly/WPg1aW

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP):  New Zealand, Australia, the ten ASEAN states, China, India, Korea and Japan   http://bit.ly/UZndmN

The European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA): Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein – Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan http://bit.ly/Y7ocMK

European Union (EU) – Philippines http://bit.ly/YPnq96

Thailand – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/Z1w4mZ   


FTA Talks Beginning:

Ukraine – European Union (EU) http://bit.ly/1634KrG

South Korea – Canada http://bit.ly/WwluR1

MERCOSUR – Canada http://bit.ly/UEGl9F


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