Ground Carriers Can Apply for Mexico’s NEEC Program

Recent modifications were made to the Mexico General Rules in Foreign Trade for 2012, and now ground carriers can apply for certification under the Nueva Esquema Empresa Certificada (NEEC) program.  The Mexico General Rules in Foreign Trade for 2012, published on August 29, 2012, received recent modifications, published April 10, 2013 in the Mexican Official Journal as the Fourth Resolution of Amendments to the General Rules in Foreign Trade for 2012 and Annexes 1 and 22. To apply for the NEEC program, ground carriers should go to the  Mexico Central Administration of Legal Affairs related to foreign Trade (ACALCE), which is part of the General Audit of Foreign Trade Administration (AGACE), and fill out the form called “Solicitud para Socio Comercial Certificado” or “Requirement for Certificate Trade Partner”.

By becoming NEEC certified, ground carriers will receive the following benefits:

  • The ACALCE will keep a list that contains all of the Certified Trade Partners by SAT, which will be published on its website, to share with registered certificated companies.
  • In the event that a trailer, semi-trailer, or temporarily imported container is stolen, the procedures defined in rule 4.2.1 allows companies to consider the equivalent of 50% when paying import taxes vs. paying the full amount

To access the full document (in Spanish) explaining the modified rules, click here.

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