Are You Ready for Another 24-Hour Rule?

Last month (May 2013), the Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System (NACCS) released an updated version of guidelines for filing under the Japan 24-hour rule.  As the main system for the online processing and procedures related to the new 24-hour rule, NACCS has been updating the guidelines and holding informational sessions across Europe, North America and China since early 2013.

Scheduled to go into force March 2014, Japan Customs and NACCS is encouraging shippers to begin looking at requirements and working towards compliance now.   Penalties include Do Not Loads (DNLs) and fines up to 500 thousand JPY.

The NACCS has provided several good resources for the trade to use in familiarizing themselves with the Japan 24-hour Rule:

Stay tuned to Global Trade News for more updates as the enforcement date draws near.

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