Integration Point Partners with ‘The Supply Chain Cloud’

Announced in a recent press release, ‘The Supply Chain Cloud’ welcomes Integration Point as a partner to their project aimed at educating and promoting applications of Cloud Computing to the Supply Chain. ‘The Supply Chain Cloud’ is the body set up by the European Supply Chain Institute (ESCI), who is focused on improving visibility in the supply chain by the effective use of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT).

As a Global Trade Management (GTM) Solution provider utilizing cloud computing, Integration Point offers companies the ability to manage global trade operations via one platform that connects all parties in the supply chain, providing up-to-date regulatory information while assisting with compliance when moving goods across borders. Integration Point provides information on Cloud based GTM processes and best practices to the ESCI project.

The mission of ‘The Supply Chain Cloud’ is to demystify the Cloud and address its applications when it comes to Supply Chain Management.

While the concept of the cloud isn’t new, the information that exists within cloud computing today can be somewhat generic, and it isn’t widely recognized that different industries approach and engage with the cloud in different ways. This is especially true of the supply chain, where data governance and compliance issues are particularly important as organizations operate in diverse locations globally.

‘The Supply Chain Cloud’ addresses the information requirements of the supply chain in regards to cloud computing and how the cloud can be deployed to enhance supply chain visibility. Click here to access the full press release, which contains additional information about the partnership, along with contact information for Integration Point and The Supply Chain Cloud.

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