Is Your Company Missing out on Savings Opportunities?

Did you know that by participating in duty deferral programs, companies are able to capitalize on savings opportunities? But determining if a zone program is right for your company is easier said than done. Companies often struggle with determining how similar or different zone programs are from each other, and if it is really worth it.

Managing zones around the world is becoming more and more common as companies expand into global markets, but are still looking to capitalize on savings opportunities. Join Integration Point and KPMG for a free educational webcast Wednesday, July 10 at 2:00 p.m. EDT/11:00 a.m. PDT, to gain a better understanding of the different zone programs, why a zone benefit feasibility assessment is key, and how to manage zones around the world.

During this webcast, the presenters will use the US Foreign-Trade Zone program as a baseline for comparing other zones such Mexico’s IMMEX/Maquiladora, Europe’s Customs Warehousing/Processing Under Customs Control, Brazil’s Drawback Suspension Integrado, India’s Special Economic Zone, and China’s Processing Trade Regime.

The presenters, Amie Ahanchian, Managing Director at KPMG, and Elizabeth Connell, Vice President of Product Management at Integration Point, will discuss the following topics during the webcast:

  • Types of Zone Programs That Exist Now
  • US Foreign-Trade Zone Program as a Baseline
  • Zone Program Comparison
  • Common Zone Approach

Register now for this educational webcast on managing zone programs around the world

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