General Rules & Criteria on Foreign Trade – Getting to Know Mexico’s Trade Rules

Governments are updating and changing regulations and requirements on a daily basis trade and Mexico´s is no exception. Recently, the Mexican government published several resolutions for the General Rules & Criteria on Foreign Trade (RCGMCE) for 2012 as well as the Rules for 2013.

Given the impact these Rules (RCGMCE) have on customs operations, it is important for companies that import and export goods from Mexico to understand the changes. Register for this webcast (In Spanish) presented by Integration Point along with Saul Peralta Tax & Legal, International Trade and Customs Manager from KPMG to gain a broader overview of the importance of the Rules with Customs Law and other legal provisions.

This free and educational webcast will be held on October 9th, 2013 at 11:00 am (Mexico’s central time). The topics that will be discussed during the webcast include:

  • Changes in the General Rules and Criteria on Foreign Trade  for 2013
  • Analysis of the more relevant Rules operational terms
  • Suggestions on how to improve processes and make your operations more effective

Register now for this educational webcast to learn more on the Mexico General Rules & Criteria on Foreign Trade.  Please note webcast will be presented in Spanish.

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