FTA News from Around the World – December 2013 Round Up

With regulations ever changing and updates constantly being made, we understand keeping up with new regulations affecting global trade can be challenging. Therefore, Global Trade News has taken the information that we have gathered over the last month from governments around the world, and compiled it into a monthly summary, posted here for you. You can access this information, along with all related FTA posts at any time by visiting the Free Trade Agreement category on this blog.

FTAs Recently In Force or Scheduled to Come Into Force:
EU – Guatemala – http://bit.ly/1lGiTmm

FTAs Recently Signed:
Australia – South Korea – http://ab.co/19VXEuw
European Union (EU) -Georgia – Moldova – http://bit.ly/1a4mB4n

FTAs Under Negotiations:
European Free Trade Association (EFTA)  - India – http://bit.ly/1ksylVg
China – Sri Lanka- http://bit.ly/1gmDJmU
India-ASEAN – http://bit.ly/1cHyrBI
US – Japan – http://bit.ly/1acRVec
New Zealand – South Korea – http://bit.ly/1dj2QsP
EU – China – http://bit.ly/1lGkEjE
New Zealand – South Korea – http://bit.ly/1dAeM4c
Korea, – Canada – http://bit.ly/1eJGf5G
Korea – New Zealand – http://bit.ly/1eJGf5G
China – Australia – http://bit.ly/IPkcjG
Peru – India – http://bit.ly/1evbzom
EU-US  - http://bit.ly/1cwNsTL
South Korea –  Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – http://bit.ly/1eJGhu8
Malaysia – Turkey – http://bit.ly/IQ9s4V
Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP)- http://1.usa.gov/1lGlgFU
EU  -  Ukraine – http://bit.ly/1eaF8xm
Turkey –  Pakistan – http://bit.ly/K9n1MM

FTA Talks Beginning:
Philippines – European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – http://bit.ly/1cHzMs4
NAFTA – Central America, Caribbean, Latin America – http://bit.ly/JaJmJr
Mauritius – Pakistan – http://bit.ly/KFrvv4

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