Import Product Safety

Integration Point Import Product Safety assists companies in developing an import safety information network by providing a web-based solution that importers use to show due diligence and compliance. Using the software, importers have the ability to interact with their entire supply chain to view the complete product lifecycle from conception to consumption in order to maintain compliance, and share regulatory information – all on one central platform.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce risks associated with product recalls and compliance failures
  • Increase control by enforcing safety regulations throughout the supply chain
  • Simplify data collection and storage of test results with associated suppliers
  • Strengthen existing security standards by creating and distributing web-based import safety questionnaires
  • Implement necessary corrective actions to close potential compliance gaps
  • Organize and track product testing data in one central location allowing responsible parties timely access to the results



Import Product Safety

Tip Sheet

Top 5 Areas to Cover When Assessing Supply Chain Risk Factors

Where will the platform take you next?

The possibilities are endless. Regardless of your size or industry, you can use the Integration Point platform to navigate the complexities of importing, exporting, and duty suspension on one integrated platform.

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