Integration Point Entry Verification Software provides importers with an integrated platform designed to compare entry data and identify errors, address and correct the issue, and if needed, communicate any issues with a Customs Broker.

Would Automating the Entry Review Process
Work for Your Company?

Answer the following questions to find out if an automated entry review process could benefit your company

Do you have visibility into all of your entry/declaration activity across your entire supply chain?

Do you know, in detail, what your company is paying in duties on a daily basis?

Are you able to audit every entry/declaration filed by your Customs Broker(s) on your behalf?

Do you have visibility into what was declared on every entry by your Customs Broker(s)?

Are you able to audit more than 10% of your entries on a monthly or yearly basis?

Using entry/declaration data, are you able to identify errors and their root causes on every entry/declaration?

Are you able to validate the quantities and/or valuations of your imports to determine if you may be overpaying/underpaying duties?

Are you able to analyze your entry/declaration data either at the country or global level for duty savings opportunities?