Integration Point Free Trade Agreement Management Software provides companies with a complete web-based platform allowing them to fully benefit from multiple free trade agreements on a global basis.

Free Trade Agreement Management Software

Product Summary

With over 375 preferential trade agreements now in place across the globe, the focus on reducing existing trade barriers, including lowered tariffs and the creation of more stable trading regions, has never been higher. Companies can take the steps necessary to benefit from the preferential duty rates and lowered trade barriers that come with free trade agreements (FTA).

The challenge, though, is that in order to leverage any trade agreement, let alone multiple trade agreements, companies are required to stay current on free trade agreement rules of origin, research each product classification number and qualification status, as well as obtain product information and preferential certificates of origin from suppliers. These are time-consuming and daunting tasks when done manually.

For those companies looking for a better way to manage the FTAs they are utilizing today, considering expanding the number FTAs managed, or wanting to implement an automated solution to alleviate the administrative burden that comes with managing FTAs, Integration Point Free Trade Agreement Management Software significantly reduces the time needed to qualify goods for any free trade agreement.

Free Trade Agreements
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