Integration Point Import Product Safety Software provides companies with a central platform to collect and track supplier adherence to product safety standards, ensuring ongoing compliance with product safety regulations.

Import Product Safety

Product Summary

With over $2.5 trillion worth of goods being imported into the US by over 800,000 importers, ranging from raw materials to manufactured goods, most companies have two main questions that they want and need answered; “Are the products that I am importing safe?” and “Do my imports comply with the applicable regulations?” Regardless of a product’s country of origin or final destination, each must comply with various government regulations.

According to the US Interagency Working Group’s 2007 Action Plan for Import Safety, there are three keystones of the Strategic Framework that are essential to ensuring all imports into the US are safe for consumption. Good import practices allow the importer to:

Establishing and determining product safety and compliance takes into consideration the procedures importers have in place to reach out to suppliers to help determine risk, along with how well they are meeting the requirements established for product safety. Completing this process manually can be a lengthy and difficult task.

In addition, government regulations are added and amended quite frequently when it comes to import safety making it difficult to track the changes to each regulation, while also ensuring your importing practices are compliant.

Using an on-demand solution like Integration Point Import Product Safety can make the collection of supplier data, and verifying of compliance data easier. With Integration Point Import Product Safety Software, companies can quickly and easily update all suppliers and supply chain partners when these regulatory changes take place.

Import Product Safety
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