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Global Trade Management:
The ROI of a Shared Global Trade Platform

An Insight Paper by

The results of the 2012 Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) Survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group shows companies need to more effectively manage growing global operations, and have a lack of critical supply chain process visibility. It is these top two factors that are driving companies to focus on improving their overall global trade management (GTM) practices in 2013.

This insight paper, offered exclusively through Integration Point, focuses on the key process and technology differentiators displayed by CSCOs to improve GTM processes and product flow across an increasingly more global, multi-tier, and complex network.

Topics included in this paper:

  • Globalization & Complexity – the Supply Chain Challenge
  • Top Supply Chain Strategic Actions
  • The Importance of Centralized GTM Platforms & Processes
  • Improved GTM drives Operational Efficiency and Higher Performance
  • Capabilities of Shared Global Access and GTM Explored
  • ROI Benefits Explored – The Impact of Process Automation

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