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Closing the Loop with Entry Verification

A white paper by Integration Point, Inc.

As supply chain risks, regulations, and compliance requirements increase almost daily, supply chain visibility has become critical to an organization's survival in the 21st century.

A key aspect of supply chain visibility is Entry Verification that allows a company to manage the proper use of trade compliance data for the importation of goods from the time they leave a foreign supplier until the time those goods reach the destination. Entry Verification aims to ensure that all regulatory, compliance, and documentation requirements are met in a timely fashion along the way. An Entry Verification solution automates the pre-entry documentation and post-entry reconciliation processes. In this environment, an Entry Verification solution not only becomes the system of record for trade compliance related data, but it puts all pieces in place to automatically validate filings.

To learn more about Entry Verification and how your organization can begin seeing the advantages of having a dynamic view of global trade, download this white paper on closing the loop with Entry Verification.

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