The Challenge
In order for consumer goods companies to stay ahead of competitors, they are expanding across the globe to seek new markets. With global expansion come new and different regulatory rules and procedures on top of a more complex supply chain. Where having the right product at the right time is critical, consumer goods companies have to adapt to a constantly moving world of trade regulations.
The Solution
We help consumer goods companies keep store shelves stocked by providing a comprehensive GTM platform to manage imports and exports, preferential trade programs, and duty suspension programs needed to lower landed costs, improve profit margins, and accelerate time to market. Integration Point clients no longer have to worry about the possibility of delayed shipments caused by incomplete or incorrect data as well as costly customs fines or penalties due to noncompliance. Consumer products regulated by the FDA and other agencies can easily be managed through our GTM platform by deriving, maintaining, auditing, and reporting the relevant PGA data.
The Benefits
  • Increase supply chain velocity and process orchestration between supply chain partners
  • Comply with industry specific PGA regulations to prevent border delays and inspections
  • Implement a global duty deferral strategy across the entire supply chain such as FTZ, IMMEX,
    Trade Zone, EU Customs Regimes, PTR, and more
  • Realize significant savings by leveraging free trade agreements across all regions
  • Improve insight into sourcing decisions, landed cost, risk, and the impact to the bottom line
  • Perform “what if” scenarios and trade data analysis across all regions and business units
  • Create a single version of truth by managing all compliance operations on one common platform

What is clear, however, is that supply chain leaders face operational challenges today that require enterprise-wide solutions. Traditional best practices are no longer enough. The magnitude, long-term nature, and impact of these challenges, in combination with broader business challenges that CPG companies face, call for a more strategic, more collaborative supply-chain approach.Grocery Manufacturers Association, 2015

1.8 million
denied party screenings done annually for one consumer goods client
$1+ billion
saved by Integration Point customers
of GTM users report a return on investment within 13 months on average
Our clients are industry leaders
Avery Dennison
Crate & Barrel
Dollar Tree
Pier 1

Spanning all Industries

Integration Point helps companies of all sizes and all industries automate compliance processes, increase visibility into the supply chain, and identify savings opportunities.