The Challenge
In an industry where product lifecycles change continually, hi-tech companies must stay one step ahead of an unpredictable regulatory environment. Ever shortening product lifecycles greatly influence the supply chain and require more efficient compliance operations. Short lifecycles demand a fast-moving supply chain that anticipates potential compliance related delays, especially regarding conflict mineral regulations and export controls.
The Solution
We help hi-tech companies stay ahead of the competition with regards to the ever evolving product universe and regulatory requirements. Our GTM platform integrates export controls, license determination, and denied party screening to lower risk and reduce the time goods spend at ports and border crossings. Integration Point also equips hi-tech companies with duty optimization solutions that increase time-to-market, lower landed cost, and improve margins.
The Benefits
  • Support product lifecycle management with advanced GTM solutions
  • Increase supply chain velocity and process orchestration between supply chain partners
  • Stay in front of regulatory changes to prevent delays and lost sales
  • Screen for restricted persons and embargoed countries against 300+ global denied party lists
  • Implement a global duty deferral strategy across the entire supply chain such as FTZ, IMMEX,
    Trade Zone, EU Customs Regimes, PTR, and more
  • Increase ROI of GTM by leveraging duty drawback across all imports and exports
  • Improve insight into sourcing decisions, landed cost, risk, and the impact to the bottom line
  • Perform “what if” scenarios and trade data analysis across all regions and business units
  • Create a single version of truth by managing all compliance operations on one common platform

Every year best-in-class companies save an average of 12.8% from sourcing decisions compared to the 5.6% savings of their peers.Aberdeen Group, Strategic sourcing and segmentation, 2015

101 countries
exported from annually by one
hi-tech client alone
2.9 million
export shipments managed annually for just one networking client
$1+ billion
saved by Integration Point customers
Our clients are industry leaders

Spanning all Industries

Integration Point helps companies of all sizes and all industries automate compliance processes, increase visibility into the supply chain, and identify savings opportunities.