The Challenge
To keep production lines moving, manufacturers cannot allow low supply chain visibility, trade regulations, or lack of communication with suppliers to impede the flow of goods across borders or impact the bottom line. On top of this, manufacturers must make strategic sourcing decisions to stay ahead of the competition. However, the global nature, number of supply chain partners, and sheer volume of goods that manufacturers deal with are all significant challenges.
The Solution
We help manufacturers avoid bottlenecks by providing solutions that increase the speed of imports and exports, lower duties with free trade agreement and duty suspension programs, and support smarter sourcing decisions. Integration Point clients use our GTM platform to not only manage these complex processes but also gain business value. By automating the time consuming and complicated process of qualifying BOMs for FTAs, manufacturers no longer have to cherry-pick just one FTA. They can fully utilize all of the free trade agreements available to them. This key opportunity for savings, coupled with the ability to assess sourcing decisions, makes the case for our GTM platform.
The Benefits
  • Implement a global duty deferral strategy across the entire supply chain such as FTZ, IMMEX,
    Trade Zone, EU Customs Regimes, PTR, and more
  • Create a single version of truth by managing all compliance operations on one common platform
  • Proactively manage import/export licensing and controls to avoid delays and protect trading privileges
  • Realize significant savings by leveraging free trade agreements across all regions
  • Increase ROI of GTM by leveraging duty drawback across all imports and exports
  • Improve insight into sourcing decisions, landed cost, risk, and the impact to the bottom line
  • Perform “what if” scenarios and trade data analysis across all regions and business units

In 2015, nearly 50% of U.S. goods exports went to FTA partner countries. However, many companies choose not to participate because they struggle with identifying opportunities to qualify goods under FTA-specific rules of origin.International Trade Administration

saved by a manufacturing client by discovering and correcting a classification error
$1+ billion
saved by Integration Point customers
867 hours
saved annually by one manufacturing client by automating export shipments
Our clients are industry leaders

Spanning all Industries

Integration Point helps companies of all sizes and all industries automate compliance processes, increase visibility into the supply chain, and identify savings opportunities.