The Challenge
Moving at the speed of fashion isn’t easy. Retail companies must stay ahead of the curve as their global supply chains become increasingly complex. The shifting regulatory landscape not only has implications on compliance but also sourcing decisions. Retail companies have some of the most complex requirements from a global classification and free trade agreement perspective, and are also very sensitive to how changes in sourcing plans can affect their bottom line.
The Solution
We help retail companies stay fashion forward by providing a GTM platform to lower landed costs, improve profit margins, and support smarter sourcing decisions. Each retailer works hard to differentiate itself from the competition and to stay in compliance in a consumer driven digital economy. The Integration Point GTM platform can ensure these companies are making smart sourcing decisions, remaining compliant, and staying ahead of the competition.
The Benefits
  • Integrate trade compliance into ecommerce for friction free borders
  • Increase supply chain velocity and process orchestration between supply chain partners
  • Stay in front of regulatory changes to prevent delays and lost sales
  • Implement a global duty deferral strategy across the entire supply chain such as FTZ, IMMEX,
    Trade Zone, EU Customs Regimes, PTR, and more
  • Increase ROI of GTM by leveraging duty drawback across all imports and exports
  • Improve insight into sourcing decisions, landed cost, risk, and the impact to the bottom line
  • Perform “what if” scenarios and trade data analysis across all regions and business units
  • Create a single version of truth by managing all compliance operations on one common platform

On average, large (Manufacturing and Retail) companies report that their international supply chains are only 50 percent as automated as their domestic supply chains. Overall, only 6 percent of companies report that they have highly automated end-to-end and cross-functional processes.Supply Chain Brain

$1 million
saved by a retail client by participating in the Generalized System of Preferences program
$4 million
in FTZ savings by one Integration Point client alone
6.3 million
parts stored in our Global Classification database for one retail client
"Integration Point has allowed the adidas Group to automate various functions of our supply chain. This innovative approach enables us to be flexible and scalable, while ensuring that we can deliver with speed.
Our clients are industry leaders
Adidas Group
L Brands
Nine West
Tommy Bahama
VF Corporation

Spanning all Industries

Integration Point helps companies of all sizes and all industries automate compliance processes, increase visibility into the supply chain, and identify savings opportunities.