Ahead of the United Kingdom's upcoming withdrawal from the European Union, we have collected these resources to help trade compliance professionals prepare for Brexit.

Turn Insights into Action: Discovering the Hidden Value in Your Trade Compliance Data
Companies shipping goods into and out of the UK need to analyze all Brexit scenarios and understand the impact to their supply chain. Should you change sourcing to protect yourself in the event of a hard Brexit? Should you start preparing to file new import and export declarations? Advanced analytic solutions can help you answer these questions and more. They can also help you make smarter, more strategic spend-based decisions.
Advocating for Trade Automation in the Era of Brexit
This guide illustrates how trade automation can help organizations achieve their strategic objectives despite Brexit disruptions.
CFO Brexit Survey
Tip Sheet
This survey was designed to gauge what impact Brexit has had, or could have, on company expansion, investment, head count, relocation, and compliance.
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Additional Brexit Resources
  • Exporting controlled goods if there’s no Brexit deal
    The export of many controlled items from the UK, within the EU, does not require a license. If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, licenses would be required for export of these items from the UK to EU countries.
  • UK trade policy: a guide to new trade legislation
    The legislation will prepare the UK for all possible outcomes of negotiations and will help to ensure that they are ready for exit, providing continuity for individuals, businesses, and their international trading partners.
  • UK sanctions regimes if there’s no Brexit deal
    These Sanctions (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 are intended to ensure that certain financial, trade, and immigration sanctions relating to these countries, which are currently in force in the UK under EU legislation and related UK regulations, continue to operate effectively after the UK leaves the EU. You may also find specific sanctions information on Burma, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, South Sudan, Venezuela.
  • UK sanctions on Iran relating to human rights
    These regulations are made to establish a sanctions regime in relation to Iran for the purpose of encouraging the Government of Iran to comply with international human rights law and to respect human rights. Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, these regulations replace the EU sanctions regime in relation to persons responsible for committing serious human rights violations in Iran.