Meet Our Team

Building great solutions depends on great people. Our executive team has years of industry expertise, and they serve on the committees of major organizations such as American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI), International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA), National Association of Foreign-Trade Zones (NAFTZ), and Trade Support Network (TSN).

Tom Barnes Photo
Tom Barnes Chief Executive Officer Read Bio
Clay Perry Photo
Clay Perry Sr Vice President - Global Markets Read Bio
Melissa Irmen Photo
Melissa Irmen Sr Vice President - Thought Leadership Read Bio
Scott McLaine Photo
Scott McLaine Sr Vice President - Human Resources Read Bio
Jill Natusch Photo
Jill Natusch Sr Vice President – Product Delivery Read Bio
Angela Chamberlain Photo
Angela Chamberlain Vice President - Global Trade Content Read Bio
Ned Chamberlain Photo
Ned Chamberlain Vice President - Partner Integration Read Bio
Elizabeth Connell Photo
Elizabeth Connell Vice President – Product Management Read Bio
Richard Davenport Photo
Richard Davenport Vice President – Solutions Delivery Read Bio
Keith Dunn Photo
Keith Dunn Vice President – Quality Assurance Read Bio
Kareem Howell Photo
Kareem Howell Vice President & General Counsel Read Bio
Dori Jenkins Photo
Dori Jenkins Vice President – Global Accounting Read Bio
Kris Kay Photo
Kris Kay Vice President - Enterprise Development Read Bio
Michiko Lloyd Photo
Michiko Lloyd Vice President – EMEA Read Bio
Jeff McCauley Photo
Jeff McCauley Vice President – Global Accounts Read Bio
Dana McKinley Vice President - Operations Read Bio
Vijay Patel Vice President - India Read Bio
Kevin Shoemaker Photo
Kevin Shoemaker Vice President - Global Solutions Read Bio
Stephanie Stocker Vice President – Client Delivery Read Bio
WeiMun Tan Vice President – Asia Pacific Read Bio
Mike Thompson Vice President – Solutions Architecture Read Bio
Virginia Thompson Vice President – Product Management Read Bio
Chris Vutsinas Vice President – Systems Engineering Read Bio
George Weise Senior Advisor Read Bio