According to the World Trade Organization, over $15 trillion of goods and services were exported around the globe in 2009 (up 15% from the previous year), and this number is expected to continue to rise. The WTO Secretariat estimates that world exports in volume will grow by 9.5% in 2010 as the world emerges from recession.

With this projected growth, now is the time for organizations to proactively manage their export processes by investing in an automated solution. Export management and compliance requires organizations to consider and monitor all the pieces of the export process, regardless of the country of origin or the destination of the goods.

Are you administering your export compliance processes correctly?

There are six main questions any exporting company needs to ask before beginning the export process:

  • What are you exporting?
  • Where are you exporting?
  • Who will receive the item?
  • How will the item be used?
  • What documentation is required to move items between countries?
  • How are you notifying the appropriate authorities of the export transaction?

With the Integration Point Export Management solution, companies ensure compliance with regulations around the globe in an automated fashion that helps with not only answering the above questions, but also with the creation of an audit trail for future reference.

The Integration Point Export Management solution provides a web-based environment for organizations to not only manage the export process but also manage compliance regulations from Customs agencies and governments around the world. The Export Management solution addresses issues with product classification, export screening, license determination/management, document requirements and reporting by placing all compliance functions on one integrated platform.

Electronically interfacing with inventory processing systems, ensuring that no outbound shipments will be missed, the Integration Point Export Management solution is an end-to-end export compliance and management solution.

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