The Integration Point Global Trade Content solution is a comprehensive collection of global trade regulations and regulatory knowledge for over 210 countries and territories, which organizes and maintains updated customs data from around the globe, regardless of location or language.

  • Binding Ruling
  • Commercial Documents
  • Country of Origin Rules of Origin
  • Denied Party Screening
  • Duty Rates
  • Export License Determination & Classification
  • FTA Rules of Origin
  • Import/Export Controls
  • Legal Text
  • Marking and Labeling Requirements
  • OGAs/PGAs
  • Sample Certificate
  • Tariff Schedules
  • WCO Explanatory Notes

Key Benefits

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  • Constant access to regulatory import and export information for over 210 countries and territories in one central location
  • Classify products using up-to-date regulatory data
Global Trade Content Benefits Icon
  • Improved understanding of what import or export controls are applicable on a shipment basis
  • Gained understanding on determining if a license is needed to export certain products
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  • Reduced risk of fines, penalties or imprisonment due to incorrect data being used to file customs documents
  • Access over 450 Trade Agreement Rules of Origin integrated with the duty rates for that tariff schedule


Where will the platform take you next?

The possibilities are endless. Regardless of your size or industry, you can use the Integration Point platform to navigate the complexities of importing, exporting, and duty suspension on one integrated platform.

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