ONESOURCE Importer Security Filing (ISF) or 10+2

Integration Point ISF (or 10+2) takes available electronic data from any supply chain partner, maps it to the requested data elements, and then provides the filer with a tool to fill in the blanks, if there are any. Our software then combines the required product and shipping information prior to lading of any goods being imported into the US and submits it directly to CBP. Upon submission, the importer receives status messages throughout the approval process and can quickly see when there is a problem before the shipment arrives at the US port.

Key Benefits

Centralize Your
Centralize Your Data

  • Automate your data collection among supply chain partners on a single web-based platform
  • Provide access for all trading partners to view and/or edit required data for 10+2 filings

Save Time with
Save Time with Automation

  • Load data from electronic files as available or allow manual keying of data as needed
  • Designate fields to populate automatically with data based upon trade lane of supply chain partner

Ensure Correct
Ensure Correct Filing

  • Avoid potential delays and penalties on your ocean imports due to incorrect filings
  • Validate required data for all ISF filing before direct transmission to CBP


Importer Security Filing (ISF) or 10+2 Brochure


Importer Security Filing (ISF) or 10+2
Top 5 Reasons for GTM Technology

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Top 5 Reasons for GTM Technology

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The possibilities are endless. Regardless of your size or industry, you can use the Integration Point platform to navigate the complexities of importing, exporting, and duty suspension on one integrated platform.

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