5 Essential Steps for Exporting
To avoid fines and the removal of export privileges, follow these steps to prove "reasonable care" and to comply with both domestic and foreign customs regulations.
5 Tips to Make Sure You Don't Get Lost at Sea with SOLAS
Approved changes to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) treaty requires shippers to verify gross mass of a container carrying cargo.
6 Steps To Become NEEC Certified
NEEC certification allows companies to move goods in and out of Mexico faster and with less paperwork.
Are You Filing the Right
PGA Data in ACE?
In January 2016, CBP published a revised AESTIR (Automated Export System Trade Interface Requirements) which reflected the requirements from the PGAs.
CFO Brexit Survey
This survey has been designed to provide an ongoing barometer of the business community’s reaction to Brexit and what impact it has or could have, company expansions, investments, head count, relocation, and compliance.
Does Your Landed Cost Solution Go the Extra Mile?
Download this tips sheet to find out if your landed cost solution goes the extra mile.
Don’t Risk It! Staying Compliant When Applying the Rules of Origin
Determining the Country of Origin (CoO) for a good is a vital step in the import process. To remain compliant, origin determinations for each country of import must be as accurate as possible.
From NEEC to AEO:
Mexico's Latest AEO Updates
Mexico’s latest AEO updates published by the General Rules of Foreign Trade
How to Become a Best-in-Class Organization with
Your Importing Processes
These companies have streamlined their entire import cycle in order to eliminate common entry errors and verify the import data at every step.
How to Manage Rising Import Tariffs with GTM Technology
Learn how ONESOURCE™ Global Trade, powered by Integration Point, can help optimize savings in your supply chain through duty deferral and advanced analytics.
How to Prepare for a Focused Assessment in 6 Steps
A Focused Assessment is a comprehensive audit by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which assesses internal controls over import activities to determine an importer’s level of compliance.
Leveraging big data for big returns in your trade compliance strategy
Gaining control over your data on a global scale may be hard to imagine. But it’s possible when you partner with a provider who truly knows the ins and outs of trade compliance data.
TFTEA Changes to
Drawback Law
TFTEA does much to strengthen the drawback legal framework and the ability of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to more accurately and objectively administer drawback.
The Value of Automating Your Import Declaration Review Process
What are the main benefits of using automation in your declaration review process and the importance of having an audit trail to back up that best-in-class process?
Top 5 Areas to Cover
When Assessing Supply Chain Risk Factors
Have you identified and assessed all the risks in your supply chain? Knowing the key areas to evaluate for each of your suppliers can make this an easier and less timeconsuming process.
Top 5 Mistakes when Screening Exports
Have you identified and assessed all the risks in your supply chain? Knowing the key areas to evaluate for each of your suppliers can make this an easier and less timeconsuming process.
Top 5 Reasons for GTM Technology
An effective GTM strategy requires a cross-functional, system-wide view of global trade. Today’s GTM technology can serve as a strategic element to your overall supply chain that spans design, production, and sourcing.
Top 5 Reasons to Consider
a Foreign-Trade Zone
What are the five main benefits of operating in an FTZ?
What 2017 WCO Changes Will Impact You?
Download this chart to see if your HS Numbers could be impacted by the WCO 2017 HS Updates.
When Should You Report PGA Data in ACE
Download this chart to find out when you should report PGA data in ACE.
Why Choose ONESOURCE™ Global Trade for Your FTZ Management
Our extensive knowledge of all industries leads to the development of tools for ensuring compliance for any organization operating within a foreign-trade zone.