Advocating for Trade Automation in the Era of Brexit
Amidst the ambiguity surrounding Brexit, it can be difficult to provide the business justification to implement a global trade management tool.
How to Improve Your
IMMEX Experience
The term Maquiladora is popular in Mexican culture. But how much do you really know about Maquilas? How well is your company managing its Maquiladora operations? Are you ready for a customs audit?
Managing Multiple Trade Agreements in Asia-Pacific
Asia Pacific countries view FTAs as a way of liberalizing trade and investment and sustaining economic recoveryi, and, since 2001, have become some of the most active in signing trade agreements.
Managing Trade Compliance Data across the Supply Chain Utilizing a Central Platform
Trade compliance data, when stored in a shared, common platform improves the overall efficiency of a supply chain and mitigates risk.
Overcoming Classification Obstacles to Create a Global Classification Organization
Explore the common obstacles that companies face when classifying products and what can be done to streamline the classification process.
Tools and Best Practices for Informed Compliance
Under the concept of Informed Compliance, trade compliance is considered a shared responsibility between Customs and the trade community.
Why Is Now the Right Time to Be CTPAT Certified?
The CTPAT program is a voluntary government-business initiative to build relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security.