Shipping globally can feel like a constant battle to stay on top of the enormous list of regulatory and logistics-related requirements and changing market conditions that importers and exporters must face every day. However, when an organization has mastered the basics of compliant and effective global trade management operations, it has the opportunity to move its strategy to the next level.

Through detailed analysis and informed decision making, the supply chain team has the ability to add significant value to the organization in the way of lower costs and new markets opened. But where to start? The costs and impacts of supply chain decisions are complex and ever-changing, making it very challenging to identify which changes truly offer the most opportunity and lowest risk.

The Integration Point Trade Analysis solution is designed to provide clarity around a company’s current state and possible paths forward. The solution includes tools to analyze product assortments, supply chain partners, and current regulatory costs, such as duties and taxes. Using Integration Point’s vast Global Trade Content, companies are well positioned to run numerous “what if” scenarios in order to understand the financial, operational, and risk-related impacts of many trade lane possibilities. Armed with such robust information, our clients are then in a position to select the ones that best meet their organization’s goals today and for the future.

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