The Integration Point Trade Analysis solution includes a comprehensive set of tools designed to provide insight into not only the organization’s current state of trade compliance costs and risks, but also the potential opportunities that could be realized through implementing changes to sourcing, sales, and/or distribution strategies.

Key Benefits

Analyze Current
Supply Chain Trends

  • Identify possible compliance risks that need addressing
  • Assess current product assortment to understand ability to leverage reduced-duty shipments from free trade agreements

Study Alternative
Sourcing/Sales Models
Trade Analysis Benefits Icon

  • Compare your sourcing or sales lanes to global trends to identify new opportunities
  • Research documentation and other regulatory requirements of shipping in new trade lanes

Validate New Trade
Lanes Implemented
Trade Analysis Benefits Icon

  • Calculate part-level actual landed costs with an automated cost rules engine
  • Update Risk Analysis exercise to reflect impact of new supply chain partners


Building the business case for Global Trade Management


Building the Business Case for Global Trade Management
Top 5 Reasons for GTM Technology

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Top 5 Reasons for GTM Technology
Tools and Best Practices for Informed Compliance


Tools and Best Practices for Informed Compliance

Where will the platform take you next?

The possibilities are endless. Regardless of your size or industry, you can use the Integration Point platform to navigate the complexities of importing, exporting, and duty suspension on one integrated platform.