Fast-changing policies within the global trade stage have stirred predictions of a large trade vacuum to fill. A number of exporters and importers are looking for stronger trade ties to the Asia Pacific region to complete what may be a large void. That leap may just pay off. As of April, the Asia Pacific region has noted some of its best export gains in recent years – a move that has been essentially blocked by policy makers’ thoughts about the future direction of global trade.

One part of the world looking to take a leadership role is the Asia Pacific region led by the ten members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In 2014, its total GDP reached US$2.6tr, making it the seventh largest economy in the word, while its total trade was US$2.5tr –the majority of which was intra- ASEAN trade. To help bolster further growth and cooperation across the region for growth, Asia has a number of new and existing trade deals in the works to boost imports and exports in the near future.

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