The Challenge
It takes a steady hand at the wheel to maneuver around trade compliance requirements throughout a global supply chain. In a study completed by IBM with 400 senior supply chain executives across the globe, risk management was identified as a primary challenge as well as visibility, cost containment, customer demands, and globalization. Companies should look for ways to address these concerns simultaneously by building a smarter supply chain. The key to achieve this is better communication among your supply chain partners, particularly where compliance and risk are involved.
The Solution
With the automotive industry representing a global turnover of $2 trillion annually, Integration Point has realized the need for a GTM platform to simplify the complications of international transactions within the automotive industry. Whether you are a Tier 1 supplier trying to decipher complicated rules for preferential trade agreements, or a major automotive manufacturer looking to reap the benefits of a duty suspension program, our platform can automate your process and create real savings for your company’s bottom line. Because of our experience with 50+ automotive clients globally, including four of the top five Tier 1 suppliers, you can be confident that Integration Point will deliver a solution that fits your company’s needs and culture.
The Benefits
  • Reduce the risks of international trade while decreasing cycle times, lowering duties and taxes,
    and reducing supply chain costs
  • Leverage inverse tariffs and free trade agreements to realize millions of dollars in savings
  • Capture free trade agreement traced value for both heavy and light duty automotive parts
  • Adhere to voluntary government sponsored programs such as Customs Trade
    Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Authorized Economic Operator (AEO),
    and Partners in Protection (PIP)
  • Fully automate end-to-end trade compliance processes from order to direct filing
  • Satisfy industry specific government initiatives such as the Buy America Act and
    the American Automotive Labeling Act
  • Improve insight into sourcing decisions, landed cost, risk, and the impact to the bottom line
  • Implement a global duty deferral strategy across the entire supply chain such as FTZ, IMMEX,
    Trade Zone, EU Customs Regimes, PTR, and more
  • Perform “what if” scenarios and trade data analysis across all regions and business units
  • Create a single version of truth by managing all compliance operations on one common platform

In one study, nearly 40% of supply chain disruptions resulted in loss of revenue. How much revenue? 14% of companies reported that the cumulative loss of supply chain disruptions totaled more than $1 million.Business Continuity Institute, Supply chain resilience report, 2015

105 million
FTZ transactions managed for a single automotive client
$1+ billion
saved by Integration Point customers
of companies report that full FTA utilization pays for itself
"We are very impressed with the agility of the Supply Chain Compliance solution from Integration Point. When new C-TPAT portal requirements were introduced, we were able to apply structural updates to all our questionnaires in just 5 minutes.
Our clients are industry leaders

Spanning all Industries

Integration Point helps companies of all sizes and all industries automate compliance processes, increase visibility into the supply chain, and identify savings opportunities.