Business applications in the cloud are moving us all into the next phase of computing and data sharing, especially in the arena of global trade.

Global Trade Management (GTM) in the cloud means having access to a solution that not only provides up-to-date information in a secure environment, but also allows companies to add compliance areas as their needs grow. It also means that companies can have a single source of truth that is accessible to all parties in the supply chain, while maintaining the integrity of that data in a secure environment. But, before we understand why GTM in the cloud really works, let’s explore the components of GTM and the importance of not only having that single source of truth but sharing it across the supply chain.

A large part of GTM, especially when in the cloud, is providing visibility into the supply chain. You may think you have visibility now, but once companies move GTM components to the cloud, they find that by automating processes and creating a shared platform, visibility increases even more.

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