Charlotte, NC, March 31, 2009 - Integration Point, a trade compliance software provider, announced today a solution to assist importers with automating the error-prone, time-consuming and ongoing manual process of validating entries on a regular basis. Using Integration Point Entry Verification, importers have a global view of all entries filed. This increases trade compliance and ensures that all available savings are realized when importing goods. Entry Verification gives importers real-time visibility into 100% of their entries around the globe.

"To achieve the greatest value proposition, a global trade management (GTM) solution must provide three key elements: compliance software, up-to-date trade content, and connectivity to customs and trading partners," said Adrian Gonzalez, Director of Logistics Executive Council, ARC Advisory Group. "The role of compliance, content, and connectivity is clearly evident in the entry validation process, which is why this solution from Integration point is well-aligned with customer requirements."

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