ONESOURCE China Processing Trade Regime (PTR)

Utilizing Integration Point PTR, companies can easily manage China operations to optimize inventory, comply with government regulations and recognize savings opportunities. From purchase order to final delivery, Integration Point PTR presents companies with a complete end-to-end visibility tool, allowing them to reconcile their ERP transactions to their China Customs Handbook, and integrate their Customs Clearance Sheets (CCS) with their Handbook Registrations and ERP transactions for added control and improved visibility of the Processing Trade Regime.

Key Benefits

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  • Connect seamlessly with Customs authorized interfaces and nominated 4PL
  • Share data across the organization regardless of language
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  • Decrease cycle time while complying with increased regulatory requirements
  • Reconcile inventory balances with ERP system on a daily basis, covering overage, shortage, scrap, waste, damage, etc.
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  • Utilize dynamic Bills of Material (BOMs) to provide a realistic process flow and maintain accurate inventory counts
  • Interface with carriers, forwarders and brokers to receive manifest and entry information


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China Processing Trade Regime (PTR)
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Top 5 Reasons for GTM Technology

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